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Café sunshine Page 9

The rain was falling heavily around the square, Delilah let out a sigh of contentment enjoying the warmth of being inside and warm watching the sheets of falling rain. Not much was moving in the square the old man’s grandson ran across the square wearing a rain soaked coat, Delilah smiled to  herself, apart from that relatively little actually happened the bakers wife left to go shopping as after an hour came back sodden but cheerfully dancing home carrying bags full of provisions.

Delilah could have just watched for hours the scene outside was the stuff of dreams and only the best movies when a hand softly pulled her away from the window.
Natalie stood there a small smile cocked on her face.
“hey sis, enjoying the view again?”  Natalie asked in her warm yet slightly cocky voice
Delilah blushed a bit her pale cheeks reddening a tad.
“They look so happy out there.” She stated  
Natalie nodded “yeah, they do tend to go about their own business happily enough.”

Natalie had silver hair the same as all of their family. She wore her hair in a bob with dyed black streaks running through. A pair of reading glasses perched neatly on her nose.
Delilah sighed “so then big sis, what’s up?”

Seeing that they were now taking on the subject Natalie had actually disturbed Delilah to talk about Natalie widened her smile a bit just noticeably.
“Today we have some interviewees coming. I want you to take care of them when they arrive and take them upstairs to my office, but give our sister some warning when they arrive. she has a habit of being … un-nerving, at least on first impression.”
Delilah nodded and asked “is that all?”
Natalie grinned brightly “yup, little sis. That is all.”
With that she patted Delilah on the head and walked out through the kitchen.
hit's written and uploaded hope you guys enjoy the oldest sibling is revealed
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