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Café sunshine Page 12

Natalie strolled through the kitchen and exited through the back door and stepped out into the shade cowled alleyway. She flicked a stray strand of hair from  her vision and walked confidently down the alleyway before stopping in front of a bin.

Glancing around she kicked it, leaving a dent.
To which a wheezy voice replied “for geeze sake Natalie, you bloody cold woman, that’s the 226th bin you have dented this year I mean come on it is a real…”
before the voice could go on Natalie clicked her teeth together and bent down to talk to the squat little man sat in a little alcove behind the bin, lightly pushing the bin out the way to which it flew off down the alley startling more than a dozen preening alley cats.

“Been busy then Dexter?”                          
A reproachful growl rasped from Dexter, but he then shrugged unsettling the dirt around him.
“can’t complain but you really want my grand daughter to do this, seems a bit... serious for her?”
“Oh of course it is serious, though unfortunately I don’t quite think that the others are up to the job.”

Dexter shrugged again pulled out a tin of tuna and a fork, and opening and draining it began to stab at the fish putting small speared chunks into his mouth.
“you know you have fish in your beard?” Natalie inquired

“happens.” Dexter replied wiping the back of his grubby hand over his mouth dislodging most of the trapped pieces from his golden-brown beard.
heh well reasonably quick if i do say so myself
so yeah this time it's Natalie's time to shine
and we aren't quite finished with her yet look forward to next update ;)
[link] <= page 11 page13 => [link]

(warning there is curses used in this series)
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